Muscle loss

What is muscle loss?

Muscle loss, also known as muscle atrophy, occurs when muscle fibers shrink or degrade as a result of disuse or aging. This leads to a loss of muscle mass, strength, and function over time.

Some key points about muscle loss include:

Muscle loss not only impacts strength and mobility, but also metabolic health. Muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue - so having more muscle positively impacts weight management.

Luckily, the age-related muscle loss process can be slowed considerably. The expert physicians at Prime Hormone Solutions specialize in customized hormone therapy programs to help both men and women preserve their youth, vitality and physical health as they age. Their individualized men's health and women's health programs measure hormone levels and provide physician-supervised treatment including testosterone therapy, HGH therapy and more based on each patient's unique needs.

Some symptoms that indicate you may be experiencing muscle loss include:

If the above symptoms sound familiar, make an appointment with your doctor or with hormone optimization experts like Prime Hormone Solutions. They can assess your hormone levels and determine if aging or deficiencies are accelerating unwelcome muscle loss. Customized treatment plans can help you feel stronger, maintain and even rebuild lean muscle mass.

With expert medical care, adopting lifestyle measures like strength training 2-3 times per week and eating enough protein, the typical age-related rate of muscle loss can be dramatically improved. Protecting your mobility, strength and metabolism pays big lifelong dividends. Don't just accept aching joints, love handle growth and low energy as inevitable results of getting older - be proactive by connecting with reputable resources like Prime Hormone Solutions today!

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