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Did you already Visit Santa? View and download your photos & videos of your visit with Santa by entering your email address and the code you received from. Santa has a special personalized video message for your loved one! Imagine your loved one's face when they receive their Personalized Video from Santa. Incoming Video Call From Santa Claus - Free Fake Phone Calls ID PRO - PRANK FOR KIDS!: Apps für Android. Live Video Call Santa Claus - Free Text Message - Free Fake Phone Game Calls ID PRO - PRANK FOR KIDS: Apps für Android. Video: Santa Claus hat seinen Schlitten verloren! Zum Glück hat er einen guten Draht nach ganz oben und findet so schnell adäquaten Ersatz.

Video Santa

Video von Santa Claus: Santa Claus Indiana. Fotos filtern nach. Alle (), Fotos (), Videos (7), Wahrzeichen (11), Restaurants / Essen (14), Aussichten (7). Dec 7, - Video message from Santa for kids ELFI. Santa would probably appreciate these cute cupcakes more than typical cookies. Recipe with video instructions: Santa will definitely appreciate cute cupcakes. If you do decide to send a personalised Santa video using our website, then why not order a fabulous personalized Santa letter at the same time to really add that magical finishing touch! Buy. Santa Intros his Santa Webcam. He has since watched the video countless times and still gets such a kick out of it! Its still not showing! Source Bartlett, Why it's as crazy as a fruitcake in July! Louie the dog shows you how to go here your diet and our electrician elf tries to light more info the tree. Brittany A.

Claus, the elves and reindeer are on the Santa live video webcam! The whole North Pole family is here. Who else do you think keeps bringing cookies in for Santa Claus live?

Now elves, as you know, are quite shy and very fast around cameras. So they are harder to spot. Santa tricks the elves sometimes by getting his little helpers to come in and play in a bouncy castle or do other silly things.

And the reindeer? You'll see lots of video of reindeer poking their heads around the Santa Claus office live camera. Sometimes the elves think it should be called the reindeer webcam.

Just watch out for the GrinchyClaus! For real! Is there a reindeer cam Well, there's Dasher and Dancer and Wait a second. Are you trying to trick me?

There's no reindeer called Cam! Sure, there's always reindeer showing up with Santa live on camera. But I don't think I've seen a reindeer Cam.

All the time. Cupid's there too. Vixen is a little shy, so not so much. Prancer is always looking for votes to guide Santa's sleigh.

But a reindeer Cam? Next thing, you're going to be asking about Santa Cam! Great roasting chestnuts! What is a Santa Cam? Oh, you just had to go and ask what a Santa Cam is didn't you!

Now I'm a really grumpy elf! I think I'll have to go watch Santa on his North Pole webcam. Now that's a Santa cam!

Santa Watch? How else would Santa know how long it is until Christmas after all! He can't spend all his time visiting on his Santa camera.

Why do you ask? Do you want to watch the Santa watch here on the Santa watcher we call the Santa webcam?

Which watch are you watching then? Now you've just made me grumpy again with a headache from all this watching! Where is Santa now live?

At the North Pole checking out the Santa cam! The elves know lots of kids want to see what Santa is doing right now.

So, they installed a special camera in Santa's office. It's a Santa spy cam where you get to see if Santa is being naughty or nice!

It's great family fun! Yes, now you can watch Santa live Christmas Eve or any day of the year! Watch for Mrs.

Claus, elves and reindeer on the video camera too. Christmas Eve you can even watch live footage of Santa in his sleigh delivering presents on his Santa Tracker!

Get on Santa's Nice List and share the Santa cam. Just tap the Twitter icon below for a special message to tweet. Tweet About Santa's Webcam!

Then see more fun things to Tweet from emailSanta. Processing time is longer than expected and download takes hours and doesn't always work.

Website could be a little more user friendly. On a positive note, children love this and really do believe it's real. Fiona Moss Keppie, Recently had the pleasure of purchasing a personalised Santa video for my kids from Elfi website.

It was quite simply magical. Due to my own error initially , I omitted the names of one of my children. I emailed the company and they rectified it immediately for me at no extra cost.

I was delighted but more importantly my children's faces looks looking at the video.. Shane ONeill, Have made one three years in a row and the kids absolutely love it, getting to be a tradition watching while decorating gingerbread houses and biscuits.

Cheryl Duncan, Fantastic video and suprice for kids. Worth every penny! Amazing customer service after my mistake. Thank you Elfi and see you next year!

HD viewing, amazing how it was done. I have recommended this site. Angela Taylor, Purchased this for my grandsons, they were absolutely mesmerized and thoroughly enjoyed it from start to end.

This is a major achievement as the boys are 2 x 7 year olds and 1 x 6 year old. Very much like the night before Christmas, not a creature was stirring whilst they sat still and watched to.

Yvonne Porter, The video message I ordered for the kids is awesome and they'll love it for sure. Alexandru Manoila, Our video was absolutely magical my little girl loved it - I loved it thank you so much xx.

Dee rose, Martin O Dwyer, The video is of great quality and well worth the money. My one complaint though would be why would you put the company logo at the end of the film?

This is for children from Santa. Michael, Dreadful experience. Very disappointing. Brenda Randell, Brilliant video, very realistic, quick, efficient service.

Fabulous start to my daughters Christmas. Jo Slaney, Excellent, good quality, perfect for 4yr old. Would recommend, thank you.

It is now the 14th December and I have been trying for weeks to access this video without success. After contacting the site, I was told my child's name would be available after the 2nd of December, then told it would be mid December.

Its still not showing! I can't understand what the problem is tbh. Can't recommend with this bad service. Fabulous surprise for my 5 year old.

Eimear Okeeffe, Slashing video. Our kids will really enjoy tgem. My children were jumping with joy and they really believed Santa can see our kitchen this is where I took the photo of our place.

They bacame all the sudden such a good eaters! Anna Bartlett, Merry Christmas. Brian Chatfield, Once again, delivered a video of excellent quality, 3rd year purchasing and still is magical for my daughter, highly recommend.

Eater, Thanks to you they believe more!!! I will continue until they will believe! Monika, Anna, This is the 2nd year i have used this site to make a video for my granddaughter.

Joanne Rodaway, This is 1 of the best things I have ever seen and bought, my daughter will be in her element when she gets to see this message from Santa this weekend.

Absolutely fantastic. GREAT quality, the kids loved it. Based in Spain, Sylwia, Great video! Kids love that! Agatha Bawor, First time customer with this company and very delighted with the product.

Will certainly use again when required. Patricia Fryer, Wonderful christmas message! I really loved it and my son was flabbergasted.

Absolutely amazing and definitely worth every penny :. Maddison Allen, Got the santa message for my 6y. Definitely worth the money, cant wait to see his little face :.

Maddison, Didn't know fully what to expect, but the video was more than we imagined. Fantastically put together, can't wait to show our daughter, we know she is going to love it.

Stuart Kelly, Kids loved that father xmas said there names. And where really engrossed in the film. Brilliant Christmas video!

It was more than I expected. Stephanie lee, As many as Do you want to use this address? Your data E-mail. Log in or.

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Set up or. Already have an account? Log in. Witaj -! Put your e-mail here. E-mail address. Send me a new password.

No thanks Yes please. Yes please No thanks. Incorrect e-mail address. Never received it Amy. I am telling and sharing to all parents! Gabrijela Kramberger.

And when you track it. It doesn't come up anything just shows you that you ordered something Helah Marie Childress.

December, delivered in 2nd and it has still not arrived. What they call customer "service" is a disgrace - no interest in the fact that the promise of "delivery up to 10 working days" has passed days ago, unpersonalised b Choose video.

FAQ When can I expect the video delivery? Can I order a video for two children? Will I get a DVD copy? All payments are handled by secure PayPal and Paylane systems.

Video message from Santa Claus This year, why not go for something with an edge of extra originality at Christmas time and truly surprise your friends, family and children with a remarkable gift that they will cherish forever and certainly never forget!

Video call from Santa How exciting would it be, either on Christmas Day or in the build up to the big day, to receive a call from Santa himself?

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Video from Santa Letter from Santa. Create a letter and support the Hope and Homes for Children Foundation. Reviews Your opinion is important to us.

We read them all. No exceptions. Zaur Alakbarov, I'm so grateful this page exists. The best gift for my baby girl. My daughter loved the video so much!

Saoirse Sciezka, Chris, Marco Monopoli, Sarah, This is an awesome idea, I can wait to see my kids faces when I show it to them.

Leah Davis, What a wonderful Christmas video for our Leo! Gabrijela Kramberger, Never received it. Amy, No I have not received the package yet.

It doesn't come up anything just shows you that you ordered something. Helah Marie Childress, Love this service they bring so much joy to many people.

Letter ordered and paid on 1. Almost looks like that many most? Never again. E F, I still have not received my letter for Xavier Michelson.

Please send ASAP so he can enjoy it. Trena Casey, Angela, Great product and service. My son was amazed when he saw the santa and video, and Santa mentioned his name.

His jaw dropped with excitement when he saw pictures of himself in the santa video. Thank you so much Elfi :. I would like to say that I have a 14 yr old who has lost the magic of Christmas and after getting her to write a letter to Santa it was all worth it to see her face when she received the red package and read it to us.

Bravo you guys. Cheers and Merry Christmas. Sonny, Great idea, great performance. Unfortunately, there is not Czech language available.

Monika Vackarova, I made a spelling mistake with my fat finger and was hoping who ever print or write that Santa letter will find out and edited it.

Lynn Lee, My son absolutely loved it! It was so precious watching his face light up when santa said his name and showed his picture!

He has since watched the video countless times and still gets such a kick out of it! Jessica Lange, My grandchildren loved it and believed in Santa that much more.

Having Santa say their name made it all seem so real to them. They are 5 and 2 and they watched it over and over and I'm sure between now and Christmas their mom and dad are going to be tired of it, but that's ok, It will keep the kids in the Christmas spirit and believing in the magic until Christmas arrives.

Shelly, I loved the video it was well done. The letter has not come yet but I'm sure. It will be nicely done as well. Melanie Mclean, Un idea meravigliosa per grandi e piccini.

Samantha cangi, My grand daughters Rosie and Hailey, both 1year 3months old couldn't believe their eyes when they saw themselves on the TV with Santa especially when he mentioned them by their names.

They kept looking at the TV and then at me as if they were telling me "how does Santa know all this about us".

All I can say is this is a smashing way how to treat children at Christmas. Noel Abela, Purchasing the video message from Santa has not only brought magic to my 4-year-old, but to all of our family too.

His behavior has been superb since he received his message from Santa. The personalization, delivery time and video quality are out of this world.

I highly recommend this to everyone and will purchasing again! Brittany A. Andrew McGaffin, My grandson said he believes in Santa after all, because he knew who his friend was.

Deborah Eastham, It would have been nice to have received a reply to my email.

Video Santa Video von Santa Claus: Santa Claus Indiana. Fotos filtern nach. Alle (), Fotos (), Videos (7), Wahrzeichen (11), Restaurants / Essen (14), Aussichten (7). Dec 7, - Video message from Santa for kids ELFI. Watch the latest videos from Santa Maria dell'Anima. official: Bilder & Videos - Santa Claus Village – Arctic Circle - Rovaniemi – Lapland Finland. Count down to Christmas with an advent calendar directly from the North Pole! For 24 days in December, children can watch the daily life of Santa and his elves​. Track Santa! He also knows when you've been naughty or nice, and he's not afraid to bring it up during the call! For 24 days in December, children can watch the daily life of Santa and his here who work hard to ensure that everything is ready in time for the big delivery of gifts. On Christmas Eve you can even talk to Santa while he's on his Bomb Games Message from Santa! Sie können dieses Video momentan nicht an Ihrem Standort ansehen. Well over now included! Welcome to North Pole Command Center! Kompatibilität Erfordert iOS Add 12 Video Blogs straight from the North Pole! Add over scenes of new video call content to the Sicherheitsnummer Visa with Video Content Pack 01! Santa knows your name, he knows things like your favourite colour, your favourite sport and tons. After finding a cell phone in a gift box, an elf has fun taking pictures in dangerous positions. Erfordert iOS Santa presents Kipina, the strongest of all the reindeer that have been chosen to pull his sled this year. Add over scenes source new video call content to the app with Video Content Pack 01! Sitting by the fire, Santa responds to a letter from a little boy who wonders about the magical properties of his red suit. Erfordert iOS Joyclub Test Moments: Something's Fishy - 9 December. Wiedergabesprachen Wiedergabesprachen. In visit web page wink, Santa reminds us that hot chocolate is also part of the things that really matter at Christmas. During a walk in the snow-covered hills, Santa Claus has fun doing an impressive magic trick. Santa gives an update regarding the number of children on his Nice list. Ihr Wiedergabeverlauf bleibt davon unberührt. Santa explains how the elves feed the reindeer to keep their energy throughout the holiday season. Video Santa

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Call Santa. An elf assembling a beautiful sandwich is faced with the mysterious disappearance of his ingredients. Santa explains how the elves feed the reindeer to keep their energy throughout the holiday season. Kategorie Unterhaltung. In a wink, Santa reminds us that hot chocolate is also part of the things that really matter at Christmas. Neuheiten Vorherige Aktualisierungen. Fabulous surprise for my 5 year old. There are options to purchase in the app which I thought was article source cool addition. Can I order a video for two children? Unlock 'Naughty' Read article Call Episode. I think it's the bomb. Never. Vixen is a little shy, so not so. Us elves are WAY too noisy! Thank you.

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Message Santa! Santa answers an important question: how do you read article sure you are on the Nice list? Voice Call Santa! Call Tooth Fairy Voicemail. Mehr link diesem Entwickler Alle anzeigen. Video Call Santa! Erfordert iOS

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